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Belle and Sebastian

The BBC Sessions Double Vinyl

Double LP $24.00

Release Date: 17/11/2008

Discs: 1

Originally available in 3 physical formats and featuring four previously unreleased songs. The single CD and 2LP feature 14 tracks compiled from the band's BBC Radio Sessions recorded from 1996 to 2001. The 2CD and digital album also include a bonus live recording of Belle & Sebastian's Christmas concert in Belfast in 2001 which was recorded for broadcast on Radio 1.

Disc One, Side One
1. The State I Am In (Radio Session)
2. Like Dylan In The Movies (Radio Session)
3. Judy And The Dream Of Horses (Radio Session)
4. The Stars Of Track And Field (Radio Session)
Disc One, Side Two
1. I Could Be Dreaming (Radio Session)
2. Seymour Stein (Radio Session)
3. Lazy Jane (Radio Session)
Disc Two, Side One
1. Sleep The Clock Around (Radio Session)
2. Slow Graffiti (Radio Session)
3. Wrong Love (Radio Session)
Disc Two, Side Two
1. Shoot The Sexual Athlete (Radio Session)
2. The Magic Of A Kind Word (Radio Session)
3. Nothing In The Silence (Radio Session)
4. (My Girl's Got) Miraculous Technique (Radio Session)